Saturday, 5 March 2011

Change in the weather

Well, the weather has been quite nice for the last few days so I have spent a fair bit of time in the garden - not neccessarily gardening, just sitting with a cuppa, watching the birds. It really is nice to just sit sometimes.
Things are getting busy on the craft fayre front - the first one is on April 17th in Cilgerran. Another lovely village - I'm not suure of the details but will add them soon.
I've also been busy helping dd1 get into sewing. She has finished the bahg she was making and has been asked to make more for friends/work colleagues. She has also bought herself a sewing machine, not too expensive but quite a good one nonetheless. She is so keen to get started on things for herself, It is hard to find the time to get her sorted out. She has a week off next week so we are hoping to get some work done then.

Have to end now as dh is not at all well and I want to get some bits done before he wakes up.

Happy sewing/crafting


Friday, 18 February 2011

Well, it's February 17th and I still haven't managed to photograph any of the recent bits I've been sewing - life is always hectic.
There are so many things going on here, with fayres being booked - things to make, Luke and Faith (my son and his partner) have set the date for their wedding - more things to make - and my girls are getting on with their lives - Abi to move out with her boyfriend and Jasmine going to uni. My home will be so empty, but they can always come back to us.

When I'm used to them being gone, I will be turning one room into a workroom - more space to spread my stuff.

I've finished sewing my birds and they have been turned so far into keyrings, next step is to make up a couple of mobiles. I've cut out the cupcake bases ready, so they are the next things I am making. I still have the cupcake keyrings to make and some "sun-bonnet sue" gift cards etc. Lots planned just need the time to make them. I also have a quilt to make for my bed - dh has chosen the colours, so I really must get going with it.

I've met some really nice people at the fayres over the last year - gigglingarmadillos, Vals tibetan silver, Stefanis' quilted world....and the list goes on. If you come to the craft fayre at St. Dogmaels Abbye you will get to seem them and more. There are some really talented people in this corner of Wales, so come and see us. The first one is in April, I'll let you know the date nearer the time.

Off to make a cuppa now and start another cupcake trinket pot.

Happy sewing everyone

catssmudge / Sarah

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Too much wind

Morning all,

It's 8.27 here and no one else is up yet. Nice and quiet for the moment. Haven't used the sewing machine much at all this week, there just hasn't been the time or space.
The girls had a great time last Sunday, Abi started her "raggy edge" bag and Jasmine made a cover for her been bag - she actually made two as she put a lining cover on first.
It was so nice to time with jus them and no interruptions. Jasmine says she doesn't want to make anything else yet and Abigail is planning on making an apron. Okay, I suggested it and she said yes, in the end. I thought it would be good practice to make something simple but with all the cutting out etc. that she will need to do.
Abi has definitely got the bug and is already talking about buying her self a sewing machine. Also my stash is getting a lot of attention - I told her where to go and what to look for so that she can build her own. She knows she can use my fabric - all except for the "special" box.
Peace is coming to an end, I can hear noises coming from upstairs.

Have a good weekend everyone and talk to you soon.

p.s. I forgot to put a photo up of what I have been sewing, never mind that can wait until next time as well.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

It's been a funny few days. Being told to rest is okay but now there are so many things I want to do. I've made up a pattern and templates for cup cake trinket pots, templates up for little birds and cup cake keyrings. And also for stuffed cat key rings, there are more is ideas floating around - hopefully they will get made up before the first craft fayre in March at the Coach House in St. Dogmaels.
Abi (dd 2) is even stitching little birds. She is also planning on making a bag for herself and then she plans on making a large quilt for her bed using the "raggy edge" technique. She seems well and truly hooked. The plan is she starts on her bag next weekend - I should have caught up on some of my things by then, so I will have all weekend to help her.
Jasmine likes the birds and cupcakes, but she wants me to make them up. She is planning on making some up for Jolifs' birthday.
Off to do some more sewing for 1/2hr before bed.
night, night

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Change of course

Hello, at last I have sat down to write some morw for my blog. I know I kept on saying that I would be better as regards writing regularly but things never go as planned - at least not in my house, lol.

Due to health problems I don't get much time to weave now and I find it very difficult to actually use my hands. As a result I have gone back to my first love which is sewing - quilting etc.

It takes me a while to get things cut out, but then the machine does it all.

I've always loved sewing and from a very early age when my mum taught me to sew I have made dolls clothes, little items for family and then I moved onto clothes for myself. I found that as I couldn't find what I wanted to wear it was easier to make things instead of searching around. Then I moved on to other items, cushions, bags, quilts etc.

I can't promise to regularly keep this blog updated but I can try and do it more often.

Here are some of the items I have managed to finish

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Well, the kids are back in school/college and I'm trying to get back into a routine (....). It has been a very busy summer, with craft fairs and keeping ontop of orders. I've met lots of lovely people who love fibres etc. as much as i do and also some who are getting into crafting. I've done a "Medieval Day" in the village which I enjoyed, even though I got soaked. I've already booked my spot for next year, along with the xmas fair that will be in the same place.

I'm planning on doing some workshops in the village aswell, during the half term holidays.

I've been busy dying fleece with natural dyes - some success', some not so good results (but I dyed them with chemical dyes). There were lots of complaints about the "awful" smell in the kitchen. Hence it was only done when I was home alone. Also I've actually managed to get a bit of weaving done, cushions and a rug or two. The photos are here to prove it. I haven't taken pictures of the dyed fleece as yet, but I will get there.

Bye for now as it's dinner time and I'm starting to feel hungry.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Well its 27 April and we have been to the hospital for my daughter-in-laws first scan ----we're going to be grand-parents again sometime in November.
I'm definitely getting more adventurous as I am now helping to organise a craft fair and we are hoping it will become a regular event. I'm getting my spinning wheel back out this weekend to start spinning, then I'm planning on spinning a load of fleece to make p into rugs etc. The next thing on my list is too start dyeing the fleece, I'm busy sourcing plants for dyes etc. I have a very large bvag of onion skins ready and waiting, I just have to find a large saucepan to dye in. No-one seems very keen on me using the kitchen saucepans, I wonder why???????
I have some fleece coming as soon as the sheep get sheared and then the garden will look like a flock have gathered there. Just got to get everything dry, hope for sunny weather for me.
Off now to warp up a loom.
Happy woolly thoughts,